Agony In Flesh

by September Murder

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released February 20, 2009



all rights reserved


September Murder Thale, Germany

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Track Name: ...And The Entrails Fill The Sea
I can’t go to bed,The sea calls me. It’s flawless, clear and impressing. My damnation is drawn in the sand,
Let’s take a walk, the moon – a disgrace, my face is drenched, my will leads me. After all, it’s a feeling of safety. I sail away, with my cold angel, We were here before.

The waves swallow the shore, I hide my knowledge in water. No letters to receive, no salvation. The clouds fight the soil without any regrets I’m falling deep.

My strange conception, seals my annihilation.

Banned in a cell my face turns white, the pain eats me alive, I surrender. Barely, faded, contanimative, the so called air. The moon enlights my closed eyes, can’t keep shining, they’re dying. I Still breath, can’t leave, I’m locked up, in the patron of life.

Control doesn’t surround me here, ghosts and transgressors, they want me, they fight with my forgotten guilt in life, they make me will-less to burn endless in their cold blood.
Track Name: Slavery Of Heartdisruption
Depressed life sorrounded by walls
Ten are white one is red
It disappears within hours
It’s full of color but so damn bleached
I look through it like glas the invincible gift
The clouds are talking while spitting on me
The window only got clearer
My raped body twitches all the time
My thin voice is talking
I’m scared of myself and all that is here
The blister crushes exploding fear
Human hands are touching me
I can’t run away
Ten fingers, a master that conquers
All of me all to breath all I can receive
You ask me why I’m scared you don’t wanna know
If You want to hear the story let’s begin the show
It all started a long time ago
I Can’t remember everything but I remember you
On a long way back home I looked up
The sky was dark and sad in it’s heart
The place was empty the moon was my light
Searching for a save place in heaven
I turned around I saw a cruel shadow
Running, no stopping was a clear aim in you
I’m scared of myself and all that is here
The blister crushes exploding fear
Human hands are touching me
I can’t run away
Ten fingers a master that conquers
All of me all to breath all I can receive
You ask me why I’m scared you don’t wanna know
If you want to hear the story let’s begin the show
I lost my life who gives it back
I won’t find an answer but find revenge
Dreams and perspectives every child has
You took from me where I can rest
Cold Fear
Blind Tears
Suffer, Pain
Cries In Vain
I saw the dawn
Do you think of the day you’ll walk alone
Do you think of your triumph
I know your face I know your race
I had no reason to worry about
But society had another gift for me
You walked away without any barrage
My one last hope I offer to you
I’m sure hell will give you the pleasure
Burn for me forever tonight
But who knows if it will happen
Track Name: Breathing Cadaver
Someone told me the fog of war is over
In my dreams in life or in your soul
Take it as a fact, to swallow what you get
Maybe the warzone is only in my head

The bleeding bodies, wounds of slavery
Counting the footsteps of freedom
Protect desire with barbed wire
To do something you’re good in

The dirt strangled with water we fear
Like salt in the eyes of hope
The sun in our heart we sold
Just to fall like the fucking rest

The weapon turns to red forget to reject
To say I’m not guilty I call it revenge
I won’t think about it I passed the test
The permission to kill your heart at last

The rage of the desert the dust you breath
The day you think hell arrived
Staring through the eyes of the corpses
While you make the snakes blind

A line in the sand marks our way
Meters and meters we walked
For nothing but death and the honor of lies
We antagonize

I am blind don’t let me die
I’m too weak to leave
The light of heaven is in my eyes
But my friends will follow me
Track Name: After Every Setting Sun
Cold war on a damaged soul
Black demons day by day
Waking up in a grave of emptiness
As a part of minority
Watching the light which provides inspiration
Thinking of an angel who became a plague
The walls are laughing buried with no way out
Hell reveals an opened door
The condition to be petrified is the basis for contentment
An invitation to a cold winter a cell of purified feelings
Was spoken out by the face of solitude
Was executed by the crying heaven
Thrown in a bloody sea To learn how to swim
Watching the forest of helplessness
Swapping life for the moment
A chamber of lost tears
Explodes in a few long seconds
A growing rage wrapped my body
It made the final step
There’s still the echo in my head
That made me moving forward
The Sleep for hours with a bleeding wound
To remain the fortitude
Locked in a tainted cell
Filled with lunatic thoughts
Drown Drown
A shape comes out of nowhere
Filling out the blind corner
The thirst of my instincts, revives that blind eye
Pictures pursuing me
They bother me everywhere
They want to be deleted
four walls and one fearless roof
below that little castle
The invisible eye is watching you
Every move is recorded
Dusty toys wanna play with your mind
As you played with mine
In the shadows outlines stand out
It can’t be prevented
Clouds still crawl on a rainy sky
The horizon is falling deeper
On a little island without a sun
With a hole in the middle
Significant traces on the wall
They will stay forever
The masters view is plugged in
It won’t miss one thing
The first layer’s dissolved
The entrails are cold and raw
I began to take of your protecting skin
my home my refuge
is free of you
It’s done the construction is made
The plague left the building
Nothing is twisted everything’s saved
My master takes the proof
Leaving my home with bloody tears
Carried on dirty hands
A worthy soul with an unsold heart
Has been taken to hell
Track Name: Between Grass And Guilt
Bloody Brainstorms going in and out
Information on it’s way but still unbound
Thinking and acting in two different ways
A long process and a long chase spits in my face fucking enraged
Two languages leave out the word
To kill with it the dirty sword
The order to follow to leave out the waste
Facing a sick solution
Crying and begging won’t help to survive
I’ve got to find a way out
Maybe some sleep could help me again
I should try to find out
One million suns showed up piece by piece
The difference only got bigger
Long years and a few cold days
Was it enough to change your face
A big cut is the only chance
To end up in prison
Fight for salvation is worthless now
My source keeps parching
Did you struggle
Did you suffer
Did your body made that offer
I can’t see clear I got that point
The embrace of separation
Now I go a few nights back
Can’t count the meters can’t see an end
Breathing is worthless I can only shout
The air runs away
The godlike devil is watching my steps
Further it goes slow moving arms
All the thoughts that spent my time
Went away to heaven
Soul owning isolation,
concentration on intentions
My corpse my pride
Can you surface again
Someone calls me someone’s here
I see something twined by pain
Two bodies two lifeless heads
With my traesure in his arms
He’s laid to rest
Track Name: To Satisfy The Eyes Of An Obsessed
I struggle with fear
Seconds are turning
It keeps us isolated
Drowning alive
A lonely night made my decision
Eternity is an illusion
Reality as adjustment,
From first to last
Call it soul purification
Crows and angels fighting the fog
To obnubilate my head
I refresh the fire
I fought with it’s distance
Such a long time
But as the sun sets
It survives
Silent wordless and shy
In a few days you changed your face
I know the reason for years
Now feelings will die
Bodies nailed in feather’s flesh
Through the window the storm laughs
Red tears on my cradle
Without scratching on my conscience
Track Name: Again, It Crossed My Way
Sit down and watch the murder
The sense of independence
A world of pain or is it a lie
I can’t blame you for tyranny
The bridge burns I can’t go on
Why don’t you give an answer
My ugly soul won’t save you now
It’s just empty and lost
If you can’t see
The wings are spread out
You won’t say
The change made you doubt
The door is closed
Painted black again
Endless redemption
Awaits my guilt
The virus of life awakes my blood
It rushes down I can’t get enough
The hope falls on a red floor
Disturbed by the lifeless
The dark night of ignorance
Destroys every part of me
Driven by madness consumed by torn
If that is what you want
The hand keeps away all my aims
Crushes down on what I create,this is too late dark blooded hate
Blisters and air are all that remains
The growing gras of twisted thoughts judges beyond knows who I am
I became the dust in your lungs
Are you able to breath to receive my revenge
The face of fear is a beautiful picture
Looking straight at my face to erase all my rage
New day’s enslaved
Old tragedy
Wild growing plants
Design my ways of life
Tossing the coin of violence
To see the price of senselessness
Is it the judge of brutality
That made me doubt
It’s not the dance of minded creatures
Pulling me down to this black ground what is that sound could it be found
It’s a special offer to me
Why do I go, am I alone to see the ground
What I see is an angel crying
To resolve conflicts with thoughts that fall apart we are
The thunder that calls out the dragon
To enter defenders of life could I survive the arrival of time
A monster spoke to me for years
Why I can’t see the choice that I made
A aim that controls all the light
Bright shines the dawn
To respawn what I created
It takes more than a word
The silence of loud words destroys all days
where I build my goals
If you can’t see
The wings are spread out
You won’t say
The change made you doubt
The door is closed
Painted black again
Endless redemption
Awaits my guilt
Track Name: Agony In Flesh
A proposal a decision running out of me
I pretend to realize freedom I resolve to die
Many ways but I won’t go alone cause I think it’s right
The tools of grief I got in my hand life’s what I denied
Disillusioned dimensions of torture
wolfs cry in vain
Smiling eyes hell no a flaming sky I see pictures that lie
The drugs are around the room speaks to me
A portrait of my bleeding eyes
I’ll pick you up my plans are made
Seeking for deliverance
I arranged myself
With the god that wants to take you away
The facts I can’t spawn
Are the reasons he gots on his hand
But there’s something else
I don’t think he gets you
Painted faces looking down on me
I remember your signs
When they watched me on my little feet
The picture became clearly
The lights are turned off
I can’t face the reality
The words of silence you spoke to me
Justify everything you gave
But why is it like this I can’t find it out
The choice kills my brain
Left or right right or left or both
No I can’t do it right
My thoughts are empty the power is left
I will go to sleep
Let us be immortal
Do you hear it Do you listen
Maybe I can give a proposal
I’m coming with you won’t let you go
Take my hand for immortality